Galaxy S4 Gold Now Available for £1700

Galaxy S4 Gold now available

There is no dearth of precious devices in this world. Still there are some people who like to get the most valuable Smartphones. There could  be several important reasons for purchasing high-priced devices. One common reason that might be responsible for this tendency is to grab the attention of others.

Galaxy S4 Gold price is 1700 pound

If you wish to use a fantastic device with striking visibility and appearance, then Galaxy S4 Gold can be a good choice. There are millions of people using the GS4 from around the world. However, it is good to see that the Gold version of the handset now becomes available in the market.

As the matter of fact, not every common user can afford to purchase such a luxurious device. There must be a limited number of people who would like to buy the Galaxy S4 Gold to add more to their personality.

Galaxy S4 Platinum

Before the launch of this particular phone, people were considering the Apple’s iPhone 5 as the only device to dip in Gold. However, now Samsung comes up with an expensive version of Galaxy S4 Gold. There is nothing to worry about the specifications and features because nothing is changed inside.

However, the external appearance of the Galaxy S4 Gold will make you feel great. Its charm and enchanting beauty allow to be prominent in the crowd. You should not forget that the Galaxy S4 is the hottest flagship of the Samsung for the current year. The device has got a gold-plating treatment from Goldgenie, a famous Gold company working worldwide.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Rose Gold

Price of the quad-core edition of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Gold is available for £1700. You can go to purchase this device if has enough budget to spend on this. However, another simple version of Samsung Galaxy S4 is available for those who do not wish to wet their hands with Gold. Only 16GB variant is offered with Gold version and it is  SIM-Free variant.

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